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Practice before the IRS

Enrolled Agents (EAs), certified public accountants (CPAs), and attorneys are unrestricted as to:

  • the taxpayers they can represent,
  • the tax matters they can handle, and
  • the IRS offices before which they can practice.

Practice before the IRS includes all matters connected with a presentation to the IRS on behalf of the taxpayer. Examples include preparing and filing documents, communicating with the IRS, and representing clients at hearings.

Enrolled Agents, certified public accountants, and attorneys are authorized to receive and inspect confidential tax information and to perform any and all acts that a taxpayer can perform with respect to the tax matters described on a power of attorney.

The American Academy of Tax Practice Advanced IRS Practice & Procedure Seminar

Not for the faint of heart! The curriculum is designed for the advanced practitioner. No review. No getting up to speed. The curriculum is designed each year to build on what you have already achieved. The curriculum updates, expands and sharpens your skills in these important areas:

This taped audio/visual program on Federal Tax Practice totals twenty-two CE hours in eleven 100-minute segments including a final examination, to wit:

  1. The IRS Reinvents Itself - Again
  2. Non-Filers Under Pursuit
  3. Federal Tax Liens: Procedures and Priorities
  4. Getting IRS Levies Released
  5. IRS Judicial Collection
  6. IRS Collecting from Decendents
  7. OIC Alternatives
  8. Bankruptcy for EAs and CPAs?
  9. Hazards of IRS Litigation
  10. Examination Relief: Audit Reconsideration Wins
  11. Penalties: Avoid, Abate, Recover - A New Approach