A World of IRS Acronyms


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"I hate acronyms!"

But I know I must master the IRS monsters: ACS, OIC, IMF, BMF, and dozens more …

A World of IRS Acronyms is the answer!

Jean and Bryan Gates, EAs have taken thirteen IRS glossary and acronym charts from the pages of the Internal Revenue Manual and compiled them into a handy desktop reference manual called A World of IRS Acronyms that you can keep at your fingertips and consult whenever you encounter one of the IRS tricky ones like SB/SE, TAC, or TAS.

Jean & Bryan save you hours of drudgery with these compiled charts of acronyms and glossaries of unusual terms. They provide you with an effortless means to end the wonderment of: AUR, CAWR, and IMFOL. Jean & Bryan have done the research for you. This is a completely necessary practice tool!

A World of IRS Acronyms contains nearly thirteen acronym and glossary charts on nearly one hundred pages. Hundreds of acronyms are unraveled and hundreds of terms are defined.

Dealing with the IRS will be a snap when you speak their lingo and drop a few of their favorite acronyms like TDA, TDI, IA, and CNC right into your discussion. Dealing with the Math Error Unit and Automatic Adjustment Unit all the way to the way to Appeals will be quicker and easier with A World of IRS Acronyms on your desk.

So, here you have hundreds if not thousands of esoteric IRS terms and acronyms critical to your practice right at hand. You will use A World of IRS Acronyms every day and your conversations with IRS personnel will sparkle.