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A strange new IRS is upon us! The only constant at the IRS is change! We begin new again.
The Academy is for you if:

You know our comprehensive and challenging approach to professional education for federally authorized tax practitioners.

You are now ready to rejoin your most capable colleagues at - the best: American Academy's Year 2021 Advanced IRS Practice & Procedure Seminars - July in San Diego, CA or in Maryland in late October.

You want to continue with challenging professional education that will keep you in the ranks of the best taxpayer representatives in the country. You want learning opportunities in IRS practice and procedure which are worth your time and money. You want it right! This year the AATP curriculum will include IRS problems which are continuing and frustrating practitioners. All topics are selected with one thing in mind: maintaining your value to prospective clients as a truly capable expert in IRS practice and procedure.

The Academy is a continuing professional education curriculum which will insure annual maintenance and improvement of your critical practice skills.

Registrations will be strong this year and space is limited at both locations. You do plan to join us and stay on the cutting edge of competence, don't you?

The Academy was founded in 1999 by Bryan and Jean Gates, Enrolled Agents who believe that advanced taxpayer representatives should have challenging professional education available that will continuously enhance their ability to represent their clients. Bryan was the initiator of the National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) in 1986 and its first director. During his tenure, nearly a thousand individuals completed the program. In the mid 1990's, while continuing as a core NTPI instructor, Bryan became convinced that individuals who had completed the basic program were not being sufficiently challenged by so called graduate courses. Accordingly, he and Jean, an NTPI Fellow who had been an NTPI discussion leader, departed to start the American Academy of Tax Practice.

Now in its 23rd year, the Academy has repeatedly served NTPI graduates and other advanced taxpayer representatives.

....a professional institute devoted to tax practice education, training, developing and sharpening the skills needed by federally authorized tax practitioners who practice before the IRS.

Quality training, leading to competency, is provided by instructors who are well-versed in IRS return examination techniques, IRS appeals conference opportunities, and IRS methods for collecting delinquent returns and dollars, as well as IRS investigations of criminal violations of the tax laws.

Participants and members of the American Academy of Tax Practice include Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys as well as former IRS officials, Tax Court Practitioners, and both current and former members of IRS Advisory Councils. Many have testified regarding tax matters before Congressional committees and the IRS Oversight Board. They are truly the cream of the crop in taxpayer representation. All come together to sharpen their skills and reaffirm their dedication to the protection of taxpayer rights. Newcomers to representation are challenged but they survive and find that they have gained far more in a relatively short period than they believed possible.

The Academy:
  • Maintains, updates and enhances your IRS practice and procedure skills and increases your income producing opportunities.
  • Provides new opportunities to expand your practice to serve a greater variety of taxpayer needs.
  • Keeps you in the ranks of the most capable IRS practice and procedure professionals in the country.

American Academy of Tax Practice is recognized and approved by the Internal Revenue Service Office of Professional Responsibility as a qualified sponsor of continuing professional education programs (Sponsor # R5V43).


American Academy of Tax Practice Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is available up to 31 days prior to the beginning of each AATP session. Requests must be emailed and must be received by the American Academy of Tax Practice more than 30 days before the beginning of your scheduled session. We will refund your entire registration fee less a $75 administrative cost charge covering credit card and set up expense.

Cancellations made less than 31 days before the program start date will not receive refunds in any amount. You may substitute another participant in your place up to 5 days before start date.