2020 Practice And Procedure Programs.

The 2020 on-demand audio/visual program approved by the IRS consists of 12 audio/visual recordings wherein your discussion leaders present and explain the written material. The sessions are described below in a suggested order. However, each recording can be viewed on-demand separately in whatever order you prefer. CPE credit may be obtained by your email request for a set of ten simple, multiple choice self-study questions per session you complete. Once your answers are received for all the sessions you plan to complete and your answers are checked, your completion certificate will be issued, and the hours (some or all) you complete will be reported to the IRS Return Preparer Office. After you have registered you will receive the links to the twelve audio/visual recordings and the all new written materials acclaimed by participants year after year!

A. The IRS Reinvents Itself – Again
B. Non-Filers Under Pursuit
C. Federal Tax Liens: Procedures and Priorities
D. Getting IRS Levies Released
E. IRS Judicial Collection
F. IRS Collecting from Decedents
G. OIC Alternatives
H. Bankruptcy for EAs and CPAs?
I. Hazards of IRS Litigation
J. Examination Relief: Audit Reconsideration Wins
K. Penalties: Avoid, Abate, Recover – A New Approach
L. Professional Ethics for Taxpayer Representatives – 100-minute segment

Registration information for 2021 coming soon.